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$99 Session Special

Document Your Journey!

"Cherish the beauty and cherish the pain, both will give you experience, and you will never be the same."



There are so many reasons to invest in yourself and in a boudoir session! Do it for your husband and do it to celebrate a milestone, but more importantly, do it for you!

I focus on celebrating and embracing you! The real, raw, and amazing woman that you are. This means every stage, every pound, every wrinkle, every experience that has led you to this moment in your journey. 

I absolutely love repeating sessions with past clients! Did you know that you are allowed to document yourself and your growth as a woman? YES, you are allowed, and you should! I want to be with you through that journey, so if you are just not sure why you should book a session, here is your reason. 

Alexis came to me back in 2016 just having turned 18 and graduated from high school. Recently, Lexi came back to me for an updated session 8 years later! Wow, the woman she has become, you can see the growth and woman she has become and at the same time, a reminder of where the journey began. 


$99 Session Special

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